A winter to Ruskin Bond’s land for the perfect family getaway


And when all the wars are over, a butterfly will still be beautiful – Ruskin Bond

If you have ever read a Ruskin Bond book, you crave for the vintage simplicity of Fosterganj. The peace of a hamlet curled up in the folds of sprawling mountains with Hasan, the baker and the mysterious owners of a haunted palace. Unfortunately, Fosterganj isn’t real, but Mussoorie is and Ruskin Bond’s home city is the closest thing we have to the nostalgia weaved in our heads by his words.

As embarrassing as it is, I discovered my sheer lust (yes, lust, I craved to go to Mussoorie for years) before I discovered the vast literature penned down by Ruskin Bond. I visited the place like any tourist would, only to read Roads to Mussoorie on my way back and realise that I saw the place all wrong.

Today, when I have read potentially every book every written by Ruskin Bond – well almost every, it is really hard to find some of his works and let’s face it, my mom will throw me out if I purchase one more book – I realise the magic, the warmth, the safety that those mountains stand for.

The tale of the curvy roads leading to Pari Tibba or the age old graves at the Camelback Cymmetry or the vast Doon Valley – every peak, every person, every wind has a story to say and if you truly want to see Mussoorie you need to see it from Ruskin Bond’s eyes.

Pari Tibba

Pari Tibba or the Witch’s Hill has surfaced in Ruskin Bond’s tales time and again. A heavenly spot, located 3 kilometres ahead of the Woodstock school is prone to lightening strikes. Legends have it, the serene and secluded spot marked the death of two lovers on the run, struck by lightning as they took refuge at the infamous hill. The right amount of spooky and beautiful, Pari Tibba takes you away from the hustle and bustle of Mussoorie.

Camel’s Back Road Cemetery

Cemetery? Are you sure? You wonder, and I say yes! Camel’s Back Road Cemetery was built back in 1829 as the resting place for Europeans. Here lies the grave of famous Australian writer and barrister, John Lang, who is said to have represent Rani Laxmibai in her lawsuit against the East India company.

Long forgotten, Lang’s grave, created in 1864 was rediscovered by Ruskin Bond on one of his excursions. If not for the grave, visit the place for sheer peace.

Chaar Dukaan

Literally a cluster of four shops! Correction, four best shops of the world – located in Landour, a few kilometres above Mussoorie, these four vintage shops offer luscious pancakes, waffles, and Maggi – all combined with a steaming cup of chai and a view of mountains.

Once upon a time, Ruskin Bond trudged to these shops daily and is still known to stop by once in a while.


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The Giant Pancake 🍪 🐬. CharDukan . . . . #chaardukaan #mussoorie #pancake #foodislife #sweettooth #mannvantra

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Bhatoli Village

Straight out of a fairy tale, Bhatoli is just a few kilometres away from Mussoorie. The simple way of living, warm and friendly people, and lots and lots of corn – the village looks like a chapter from a Ruskin Bond book.

Robeky Manor

A quaint, vintage hotel, Robeky Manor is the manifestation of calm and peace, situated in Landour. Treat yourself to a relaxing brunch as you kick back with a book, overlooking the mountains. Just another way of spending some more time on Mr. Bond’s land!


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A peaceful trek, rather a walk amidst the twisting roads – mist, fresh mountain breeze, and Ruskin Bond stories that will keep you company as you walk towards solitude.


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Cambridge Book Depot

And, last but not the least. Meet the man himself, every Saturday, giving out signs, smiles, and memories.

Mussoorie is perfect for a family getaway; just like his writing, Ruskin Bond’s land is for all, big and small.

Two personal recommendations, when at the mall road, feast your taste buds at Kalsang, for some out of the world, Tibetan food….

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