15 pictures that show the raw beauty of Ladakh in winters

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Ladakh has been a dream destination for the travel enthusiasts. For years, the beautiful landscapes of this highest dry desert of the world have attracted explorers from every part of the world. Visiting this enchanted land is the ultimate cure for every soul that is bitten by the travel bug. Ladakh is primarily a summer destination but that doesn’t mean that the brave hearts don’t dare explore its snowy landscapes during the winters.

Come November, the roads connecting Leh with Srinagar and Manali shut down as the passes get covered in snow. As the temperature drops below -10 degrees, new breeds of adventurous souls start arriving in Ladakh with a totally different itinerary. These explorers come here to see the elusive Snow Leopards, trek down the treacherous terrains of Frozen Zanskar River and feel absolute silence at snow laden Pangong Lake.

Even the lifestyle of Ladakhi people changes with the climate becoming colder. They shut down their shops and hotels and start preparing to welcome their New Year during the festival of Losar. You’ll see the locals playing ice hockey on frozen water bodies, eating a lot of hot thukpa and sipping butter tea. Exploring winters in Ladakh is a must for every culture seeker, festival lover, foodie and adventurer. If you are one of these crazy wanders, looking for a winter destination that is literally out of the world then Ladakh is the place to be.

This is how the landscape of Ladakh changes during the winter season. From a region with cold desert like conditions, Ladakh turns into a beautiful vista covered in white blanket of snow.


And when it starts snowing, the headquarters of Ladakh, Leh changes its shades to all kinds of white.


The temperature of Ladakh goes below -20 degrees, appropriate to freeze the mighty blue lake known as Pangong.


Who says Ladakh is only a summer season driving destination?


When the lakes freeze, the Ladakhis turn them into stadiums for their Ice Hockey tournaments. There are a few stadiums in Leh itself, otherwise blooming with red flowers in the summers.


And this is how the Ice Hockey field looks from a distance.



Just 4500 of them left on this planet earth, Numbers are approximate as their life is hidden from human most of the time. . I have so much too tell and don’t know what to say. When I look at the image you think of this beautiful cat and forget stories what I want to tell you. . I must say this was my first public encounter with this grey cat but, my more than a decade of travel in Himalayas gave me more opportunities for personal meetings with ghost cat. But I never thought of taking their images, as most of the time I was happy being with just watching their graces. . Finally this time decided to lead photo expedition in search for this ghost cat and we were lucky enough to find them quickly and had good enough time we spent. We spent almost 14 hours with them and I’m still in dream. . Before I start writing stories, we must enjoy image of this beautiful creature on earth. . from @withmanish – . #wildlife #snowleopard #ghost #cat #himalayas #animals #cats #spiti winter #rock #greycat #wildanimal #mountains #photoofthday #instapicture #instatravel #travelphotography #travelphoto #wildlifeplanet #wildlifephoto #india – #leh__ladakh

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The ever elusive Snow Leopard usually stays on the upper Himalayan regions during the summer season but it does visit the Ladakhi villages when they are covered in snow. Snow gives them the perfect camouflage helping them hunt and kill the livestock without anyone finding out. Winter is the perfect time to spot one of these lovely creatures in


It is not only Snow Leopards who find winters the perfect time to explore lower villages. Winter season is the perfect time to get face to face with predators like Red Fox and Wolves.



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Changthang, the home of the nomadic tribes of Ladakh, freezes and is usually below 10 feet of snow, sometimes even.



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Changthang offers such gorgeous sights only to those who dare visit.


Exploring the frozen rivers has its own charm. In winters, Zanskar starts to freeze and soon becomes the destination of choice for the daredevils who come here for Chadar Trek.


And when you get to pitch your tent in the middle of the snow covered base camp at Chadar Trek, this is how it will look like.



I am sure many of those heading to the Zanskar are screaming to capture this. I was equally eager for the same until it happened that I was able to capture this only with my phone. Yes, my camera was in coma for good part of the trek. Yes, I could have more cautious. . Things need extra attention when you are headed to any winter adventures, not just the Chadar trek. Cameras, being no different, deserve that care from us. Hope lessons and experiences from my side help you prepare well for the winters in the Himalayas 🙂 1. Carry a minimum of two extra batteries. Dipping temperatures imply there is going to be energy liberating from the battery on a rapid scale. One shall be bereft of electricity during treks which mean additional batteries are required. . 2. In all probabilities, one is not going to need multiple lenses for capturing things, unless you are onto a mission to captures different facets. For most cases, a default 18-55mm lens should be good enough. Wider angle lens may be carried for astrophotography. Be sure of what you are going to capture while packing your camera kit. . 3. Tripod, unless needed, may be avoided. . 4. I had carried an 18-55mm alongside a 50mm prime which I wanted for capturing the faces in the villages. On the first day, I changed the lens and was doing it casually keeping my body exposed for long. The dipping temperatures can make the elements brittle and subject to damage. And yes, my mirror went awry and thus, went down the drain my ambitions to click photos from the camera. Please handle your gadgets with utmost care. . 5. (As additionally suggested) ND filters shall help you capture long exposures in bright sunlight Feel free to shout out to me for any technical aspects you might want to understand for clicking in the winters. . . Feel free to give a shout for any know hows in clicking the winters 🙂

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One of the most photographed spots from Chadar Trek is this frozen waterfall. Truly captivating, isn’t it?

And then you have to trek literally on the bank of a frozen river.


Padum in December #Zangskarvalley #Zangskarexplorer

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Padum, a small village of Zanskar invites visitors to explore this untouched part when the white blanket of snow covers it completely. Padum otherwise is the base for the trek to the mysterious Phugtal Monastery.

The year has just started and a new adventure awaits you. This is the perfect time to get going on a trip to Ladakh and experience the unknown.


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