Every cliche traveller that has existed on Social Media

cliche traveller

Cliche traveller  – one that checks in on social media every minutue, hashtags every word and basically makes you regret being their friend!

In the nineties, it was the guitar, then it was blogging, and one fine day it became all about TRAVEL! You know like, it so cool, like hep, and all that jazz. 

Every person treading more than 10 kilometres is now a “Traveller.” They’ve been bitten by wanderlust and share their own photos staring at an uphill road on social mediawith captions as dreadful as – born to travel. 

Well, born to commute or show off at the best. These “travellers” aren’t dying any soon, might as well we have some fun around them. 

The Solo Traveller

Me – Weren’t there other bloggers with you? 

Solo Traveller – Yeah, but we all were travelling alone! (Rolling eyes) 

The Hashtag-er

#They #are #the #most #annoying #people #on #social #media #fullstop #see #sometimes #they #don’t #even #make #sense 


The Cliché Poser 

Be it touching the tip of Taj Mahal or the woman leading the man pose – they have aced it all. 

The Behind the DSLR-er

They could be on the prettiest mountain or sailing the fiercest river, but what they will capture will be a glorious image of themselves behind the lens – striving, and I repeat – striving to capture the pretty place. *Sigh*


The Feeler 

Yes, they are as bad they sound. They’re either feeling blessed or on top of the world or just free (whatever that means) – got to use the feelings bro! Zuckerberg introduced them for a reason. 


The Wanderer 

You still scroll their Instagram images, benefit of doubt you know! The next picture would of Ghaziabad with a caption – travel soothes me. You – give up! 


The Detail-er

Checked in at Indira Gandhi International Airport 

Instagram-ed a picture of their boarding pass

Checked in at Jaipur Airport 

Snapchat of boarding a bus 

Tweeting an image of eating Parathas at Ajay Snacks 

Know what I mean? *Wink*

Travel means different things to different people. For some it is THIS, for some it is everything else! So, if you got a little person in there, strapping their backpack and tying shoelaces, stay tuned in to Travel Lounge powered by Club Mahindra, India’s Favorite resort chain. We have some dreamy stuff lined up for you! 

A writer by Karma, grammar Nazi by heart and traveler by hope, Saloni loves to pen about anything under the sun. With three years of journalism experience under her kitty, Saloni has tried hands on various beats including – Social Media, e-commerce, Mobile, Indian radio, Advertising, Food and Travel. Writing for various national and international publications has given Saloni an understanding of the science of social media.

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